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shot to death at oikos university. she left nigeria to come to the united states looking for a better life for her family. >> she wants mommy, you know? i told her mommy is with god. she said she want to go to god and be with mommy. >> reporter: and he says he is not thinking about what should happen to the killer that he is still grieving. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details on oikos university. it reopened a week ago but some didn't begin classes till today. we have been told oikos university is paying $1 to use the classroom. they are providing the space as long as it is available out of a mission of community service. in the mean time according to the times, oikos university's finance problems are so severe the president has gone without pay for the past year. >>> the district attorney announced today a teacher who struck and killed a girl last year will not be charged with a crime. investigators say fern white- parker was on the way to work last september when she accidentally struck 6-year-old sioreli torres who was walking walking to school. today the district attor
student loan rates, discourage outsourcing of united states jobs, help veterans find work and let homeowners refinance their mortgages. >> on wall street stock was down as new concerns over the european debt crisis weighed heavy on the market. all three ended this day in the red but it could have been worse. at one point the dow had a nearly 200 point slide. at the closing bell the dow was down by 76 points. nasdaq was down 11. . >>> fire officials say drastic cuts could be on the way if a par can cel tax is rejected. it calls for a tax of $197 a year for the next ten years. officials say if it doesn't pass the east county fire district will see significant changes in its emergency response. three of the districts six stations would face closure and more than a dozen firefighters could loose their jobs. >> the warm weather we are enjoying sevens as a reminder that fire season is coming and state officials say they are preparing for what could be a busy one. >> we are training air crews, we have trained over 55 helicopter crews in the national guard and 11 air tanker crews ready
. if the court rules against him he will appeal the conviction all the way to the united states supreme court if necessary. >> we looked in toe why the grant family wasn't told about the hearing and we found a mix up involving three agencies. at issue is a victim's forum in which the family requests to be told of any legal procedures in a case. thal media da's office said the family properly filed that form last year. the corrections department said they received the form and forwarded it onto the attorney general's office which is responsible for keeping the victim's family informed. the attorney general's office said they never got the form. now the at's office has promised to tell the grant family of any legal proceeding in this case in the future. if you want to see raw video of the news conference today go to the website and look under top story. >> facebook ceo met with potential investors today in palo alto talking about his company's upcoming ipo. mike is here now and says the one main question they wanted him to answer. >> reporter: how are you going to make me money down
of fire solar eclipse. we have video of the last ring of fire eclipse in the united states in 1994. this weekend it will be visible at sun sunday sunday here in northern california. it is called an annular eclipse and seen best in asia. remember, never look directly at the sun during an ellipse because you can suffer eye damage. >>> our chief meteorologist bill martin, will sunday be good viewing conditions? >> weather should be good for it. coastal sections should see fog. you will just see not complete coverage, you got to go east a little bit to get the full coverage. this coming sunday weather should be good. wind right now. if you look at san francisco airport, w-40, san francisco airport, over san francisco, but it is reporting at the airport, 40 miles per hour winds that airport. that will slow you down on the flights. that is a lot of wind. the fog is going -- being chewed apart. when the winds are this strong the fog is almost gone, the wind tears up the fog. we had a mostly clear afternoon. started off cloudy. winds tore it up and then we are starting to see sunshine. we
united states. the fbi is trying to determine if it would have passed through the airport security. u.s. defense secretary leon panetta says they will do everything to keep america safe. >> what it makes clear is this country has to into remain vigilant against those that seek to attack this country. >> the cia says they stopped the bomb before he bought a plane ticket and no americans were in danger. california primary is underway. departments are sending out the june 5 ballots. the last day to request a vote by mail is may 29. this will be the first test of california's new open primary. democrats and republicans can vote for any candidate regardless of party. coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00, we will tell you more and how it could effect some races. >>> it was mitt mitt romney's turn to fire back today. he appeared in cleveland at a rally. this weekend in ohio president obama accused mitt romney of being out of touch. and today mitt romney hit hard on the economy. >> not enough people have been finding good jobs and a lot of people lost their homes. that is a promise he did
is a key ingredient in the lethel injection process but it's only made outside the united states. back in march a judge ruled that they shouldn't have imported and ordered that states give it up but california and other states contend they aren't bound by that ruling. they are also urging the fda to appeal. >> a scary end to a flight for more than 150 passengers on a flight into miami. the flight had just landed when a passenger jumped up and rushed to the cockpit door. passengers subdued ryan schneider until authorities boarded. he may have been drunk and he isn't onto no fly list but the fbi is investigating. >>> the man accused of murdering a little boy in new york decades ago is on suicide watch tonight. etan vanished while walking to the bus. police arrested pedro hernandez on a tip. the suspect's family came to court where he was scheduled toaa appear but he was in the hospital after making statements about killing himself. he was arraigned from his hospital bed and charged with second degree murder. police say he confessed to luring the boy into a basement and then strangling h
done, and do the opposite. >> mitt romney noted that more than 23 million people in the united states are out of work, or have stopped looking for work. he said "americans are tired of being tired of this economy and of this president." >>> another troubling sign on jobs, now this time from the private payroll company adt. they say the u.s. businesses added 119,000 jobs in april. there were 201,000 jobs in march, they say the count is often lower than government estimates, the jobless rate is expected to remain at 8.2% when the government releases employment numbers on friday. >>> and fewer factory orders in europe on the mind of investors in wall street. the news about the factory orders affected the trading, the dow dropping a little more than 10 points, closing at 13,268. the nasdaq investors were more optimistic. it closed at nine points. >>> and on the cat walk to show you what holds up the bay bridge, the story still ahead. >>> another nice day today, cooler, clouds coming in. a chance of sprinkles in the bay area forecast, i'll let you know when they get here and when they leav
. >> the united states government is going to be trying very, very hard to put on the hearing that is as close to a criminal hearing as possible. that has all the accoutrements of fairness that we expect in our criminal justice hearings. >> reporter: the five terror suspects did not enter please at this weekend's hearing. prosecutors will try again at another hearing next month and grandcolas says he won't be attending that hearing either. in the newsroom, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> attorneys on both side of the military trial say the proceedings are likely to go on for years. the defense lawyer for kalid sheikh mohammed says a tentative date of 2013 is merely a placeholder. and the prosecutor says he expects to battle a barrage of defense motions before trial. >>> it will be the first-ever muslim day at capitol. muslims will meet with legislators to discuss issues including civil liberties. objectives include educating californians will the muslim culture. >>> talks appear to be continuing between uc berkeley and the occupies who have taken over the property owned by the universit
to the united states border. the bodies of 43 men and 6 women were found. officials say some of them were mutilated making identitying them difficult. today's find is believed to be the latest incident related to the ongoing drug war. investigators say drug gangs leave bodies in public as a warning to their rivals. >> in spain police in riot gear moved in on thousands of protesters at the central square early this morning. members of the movement say they are upset about new austerity measures. >>> and in japan at least six people are dead after a hotel fire hotel fire. . it took about two hours to put the fire out. five others were hurt. investigators are still looking in to the cause of the fire. >> new numbers shout new york police department is making more news of accounts controversial poll civil the stop and frisk policy lets them stop anybody based on reasonable suspicious. they say the officers have made more than 203,000 stops during january and march. that's up from about 183,000 during the same time period last year. the supports say its helped save lives. critics argue the
of the united states. there have been a lot of preplanning. >>> the area stretched for several blocks, now the redwood city's fox theatre blocks are locked down. this owner had to shut down early today but didn't seem to mind. >> pretty thrilling he is coming to redwood city. >> reporter: across the street they are staying open but the owner is unsure what to expect from the crowds. >> are they going to stand in the street or eat after? >> reporter: most people seem excited. not every day the president comes to town. >> since 1932, this is the first time we have a sitting president visiting redwood city. >> reporter: most folks hoping to catch a glimpse of the president. live in redwood city, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the president is expected to arrive in an hour, which would be towards the end of ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 and we will try and bring you that landing live. >>> social networking will play a big role in the president's visit. >> we will have our social media people there on twitter or on facebook just giving the folks a feel of what is going on downtown. >> the r
and women serving in the military. secretary panetta said the united states is a safer place because of them. and that al-qaida and the taliban are significantly less powerful than they used to be. >> each of you has made a very courageous and important decision to serve this nation at a time of war. >> secretary panetta also thanked the families of those who served saying they've made a great sacrifice for the country. >> the sheriff department said they're warning people joggers of a suspect. a woman was able to elude him and ended up calling 911. >>> a formal postal service letter carrier was sentenced to four years in prison for attacking his former supervisor. lu was charged with premeditated attempted murder. however jurors convicted him of the lesser crime of felony assault. two years ago he rammed his truck into his supervisors truck after lui had been fired for poor performance. >>> she is still paying the price after being forced to sell her body on the streets at the age of 13. why a bay area assemblyman wants to seal and destroy her arrest record. >>> and back here in just 10 min
deterrent to possible united states hoss activities. >> consumer reports asking what's most important when they buy a new car. more than two thirds, 37% said fuel economy. that's more than twice the number two answer which was quality, safety and value was farther down the list with performance near the bottom president the deputy auto editor said the survey prove that high fuel prices continue to influence the habits and concerns of drivers. >>> dozens of school children made a lot of noise at the state capitol hoping to savor child care programs. with the state working with the 16 billion-dollar budge short fall child care programs poised to loose $450 million. without quality after school supervision, children are more likely to engage in high risk behaviors. state senator lonnie hancock was at the rally to show her support. >> go out, tell your story, make sure that every legislative office in the capitol knows how important the work that you do is. >> reporter: the voter approved proper 49 guarantees funding for after school programs but rally organizers say those programs have long
. >> for example, altoid mints, wanted to bring french presses to the united states, you know, many australian wines that are ubiquitous started in our stores. >> the merger isn't the first venture between the two companies they have had a co- operative relationship for two years with cost plus operating specialty store food departments in some bed, bath and beyond stores. cost plus world market said the merger will give it the capital to double the number of storegrow online sales. >>> a judge over turned a small claims judgment of $10,000 against american honda motor company. heather peters claimed honda misrepresented the mileage her civic hybrid could achieve. on appeal the judge said epa mileage estimates are for comparison purposes and too many variances to hold the car maker responsible. >>> after more than a decade of wrangling, state regulators approved a plan to build dozens of homes in pebble beach. california coastal commission voted to approve 90 homes on about 56-acres, right near the famed pebble beach golf course. the company backed by clint east wood, arnold palmer has owned t
. these documents should help america understand. >> it is also clear that al qaeda remains a threat to the united states. the threat remains the principle objective of our time in afghanistan. >> at one time suggested he -- what would happen if joe biden assumed the presidency. he wrote, biden is totally unprepared for that. the white house said it took a full year to release the documents because analysts need to review the text. >>> peter walk and partners have won a competition to help reshape part of the national mall in washington dc. it has planned a secluded garden and plans to overhaul a lake to allow ice skating in the winter. the trust for the national mall must now raise money before construction can begin. >>> the walnut is considering making changes to the park. calling for a permanent spot for the holiday ice ring. the matter now goes to the parks department for more work. >>> police are still trying to solve the beating death of a teenager at this park. we'll tell you what police are looking for and what the victim's friends are saying. >>> another close game to miami and san franc
crime. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations called for more u.n. sanctions against syria. >>> voters will decide on prop 28. is it a tough new stance on term littles for state lawmakers, or a wolf in sheep's clothing? >> and i've got the forecast. the fog has cleared off, but temperatures are really going to heat up. i'm more of an absentee plant parent. [ cellphone rings ] tuscaloosa? schenectady? des moines? okay. okay. okay. i can't always be there to weed my petunias. so now we use miracle gro shake 'n feed plus weed preventer. it feeds plants and prevents weeds for up to three months. so my plants grow bigger, more beautiful, without all the weeds -- guaranteed. [ cellphone rings ] with miracle gro shake 'n feed, anyone can have a green thumb. [ cellphone rings ] everyone grows with miracle gro. >>> an exclusive ktvu poll shows wide support for prop 28. but a few say 28 is deceptive. under at the capitol is a game of musical chairs. people would head over to the senate and perhaps income back to the assembly again. prop 28, if it passes, would mostly change that, but
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15